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Summer holidays: anti-boredom tips to keep the children entertained

7 Aug 2017
by Linda Canter

"Mom, I am bored." Do you hear this almost daily during the long summer vacation? A little boredom is not bad because this is supposed to spark creativity in kids but it is nice to have some backup plans if they hang around all day complaining.

Doing good for someone else

Let your children do something good for someone else. Not only do they help someone else but it gives them a good feeling as well. Ask your children what they would like to do for someone else. This really can be anything, for example, collecting plastic caps for guiding dogs or taking out the dog for the elderly neighbour.

Think of a small musical

Are you creative? Then think of a small theatrical performance and set up a script. Invite some of your children's friends or cousins and give everyone their own role. Make an agreement on performing the musical for family, friends and neighbours at the end of the week. Hereby they will be entertained throughout the entire week by learning the text and practising possible dance moves.

Prepare birthday drawings

Do your kids enjoy making beautiful drawings or cards for someone’s birthday? Let your child make drawings for someone who is soon to have a birthday, even if this is not until September or October. It is better to have already a drawing stored somewhere instead of having to make one last minute.

Make up a lucky dip with assignments

Are your children telling you that they are bored for already the third time this week? Help, you are running out of your stock of anti boredom solutions fast this way. Make up a lucky dip in the first week of the holiday (because then they are not bored yet). Think of assignments or ideas together and write these down on pieces of paper. Put them in a box, vase or bucket and let your kids take a lucky dip when they feel bored. You can write things down on the pieces of paper such as: clean up your room (comes in handy as well) or camp in the garden.

Change the daily routine

Things get boring quickly when you do the same things with your children every single day. Go for a lunch with them in the garden or go for a picnic in a park in your neighbourhood. Also dinner can be made into a more fun event. For example, let your child play as a host for the evening. They can set the table nicely, make name cards, pick some flowers and make it into a nice table decoration. They could possibly even create a menu and a corresponding menu card (while you cook of course). As a dessert you do not take out ice cream from the home freezer this time but go get some at the local snackbar together instead.

Making phone calls with grandpa and grandma

You do not have the time and opportunity to do something with your kids while you for example are cooking? Let them call grandpa and grandma. Your parents (in law) can for example tell them stories about the early days. Of course not too long of a story because your kid would probably find that boring as well.

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