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The arrival of Saint Nicholas 2017

6 Nov 2017
by Linda Canter

It is one of the most typical traditions of the Netherlands: the arrival of Saint Nicholas. Do you want to know where to spot the holy man going off board (or just want to laugh about the traditions of crazy Dutch people)? Then swiftly read where the boat of Nicholas will arrive and what else to explore in the city.


Saint Nicholas arrives on the 18th of November 2017 in Dokkum

Do you want to witness the arrival of Saint Nicholas live, then you must go to Friesland. Dokkum is a city in the Northern part of Friesland, on a two hour drive from Utrecht. Of course it will be exciting whether the Saint will arrive on time this year and besides, we truly hope that there will not be too much trouble when docking his ship.


Nicholas-news 2017

Kids can follow the journey of Saint Nicholas and Pete again during the Nicholas-news from 13 November on. This is broadcasted on NPO Zapp every evening at 6 o’clock. Exciting for the kids but also fun for mom and dad. Not in the mood to drive all the way to Dokkum? Then you can simply follow the national entry on the television.


Places of interest Dokkum

If you are going to the arrival of Nicholas, then you might as well make it into a fun weekend out. Dokkum counts more than 140 national monuments, so there is plenty to see and to do.

Museum the Admiralty House

This former Admiralty House was the place where the Admirals of Groningen and Friesland gathered until 1645. The property is now a national monument and museum where you can learn about the history of Dokkum, Frisian costumes, pottery and the sacred Bonifacius killed at Dokkum around 754.

Address: Diepswal 27
More information: http://www.museumdokkum.nl

Town Hall of Dokkum

The town hall of Dokkum dates back to 1610 and was expanded later. This building is also a national monument. It is the town hall of the municipality of Dongeradeel since 1984, but the meetings of the mayor and councillors or civil affairs do not take place here.

Address: De Zijl 2

The Water Tower of Dokkum

The water tower of Dokkum is 37 meters high and has a storage capacity of 1000 m3. This water tower from 1958 is also a national monument since 2010. Unfortunately the water tower can only be visited on special open days.

Address: Mockamastrjitte 33
More information: http://rijksmonumenten.nl/monument/530878/watertoren/dokkum/

Turning point Eleven cities tour Dokkum

We cannot guarantee the Eleven cities tour but you can see its turning point in Dokkum. The ice skaters go under the arch bridge here for their last stamp before they turn to start the final stage between Dokkum and Leeuwarden. The turning point in Het Kleindiep in the old town is characterised by a bench in the form of a Frisian ice skate.

Dokkumer Waeg

Exactly one thousand years after the establishment of Dokkum, Dokkumer Waeg was built. Here the military guard was stationed. On the facade is written “weighs and watch” in Dutch, which is referring to the functions of the building. First, dairy was weighed and later on soldiers were delivered here. A grand café is located in the Dokkumer Waeg nowadays.

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