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The best movies and series for the Christmas holidays

11 Dec 2017
by Linda Canter

For the modern woman: The Holiday

Do you also think of snow-covered cottages and fireplaces when you think of Christmas? Then The Holiday is the ultimate movie for you. This movie follows the life of Amanda: a career woman from Los Angeles, and Iris, an English girl who has given up on love. They swap houses. Iris gets to  enjoy Christmas in the sun in a super-luxurious Californian villa, while Amanda moves into the small, snow-covered house of Iris in the English countryside. And although the women no longer believe in love, they do bump into Miles and Graham. The perfect romantic comedy for a cold evening with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black.


Homegrown in Holland: Mannenharten or “Men’s hearts”

This Dutch movie is not a real Christmas movie, but it does take place around Christmas time. This movie follows the popular advertisement man Tim, music producer Dennis, tram driver Frank, officer Niels and bicycle-taxi driver Dennis. The men do not have an easy love life and all deal with it in their own way. Wouter’s girlfriend turns out to be pregnant and wants an abortion, while he wants to keep the child. Tim is getting married, but has too much love for other women too. Will it turn out well? A great movie with a soundtrack by Nick and Simon, starring Barry Atsma, Daan Schuurmans, Georgina Verbaan and Sanne Vogel.


In the cinema: Bad Moms 2

If you enjoyed Bad Moms 1, then Bad Moms 2 is a great excuse to go to the cinemas. Amy, Kiki and Carla are done with their lives as underestimated mothers and find their salvation in each other. Expect an unconventional Christmas movie with drunk moms who are completely fed up with their kids and responsibilities. This results into a movie with a lack of Christmas trees and an abundance of liquor. Starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn. Christine Baranski shows up as Amy's troublesome mother with Jay Hernandez as her new handsome boyfriend from part one. Bad Moms 2 is now out in the cinemas.


The classic: Home Alone 1 and 2

SBS6 recently announced that they will broadcast Home Alone 1 and 2 this Christmas. Part one, where Kevin stays home alone, is broadcasted on Christmas Day and on Boxing Day you can enjoy Kevin’s journey through New York City. Although you probably now the story by heart, it is still nice to see how Kevin stays ahead from the thieves Marv and Harry.


Other Christmas movies for the Christmas holidays

  • Love Actually. A romantic movie with multiple storylines. About the British Prime Minister (Hugh Grant), a boss and his secretary, a man and the wife of his best friend, a woman and her colleague and a Brit who is very well received in America.
  • The Polar Express. Do you have children? Then you cannot miss out on watching The Polar Express during the Christmas season. In this animated movie, a boy makes a magical train journey to the North Pole. With the voice of Tom Hanks and others.
  • Four Christmases (or Anywhere but Home). Kate and Brad want to go to Fiji during Christmas to escape their family problems. Unfortunately for them, the fog makes it impossible to leave while their families find out on television they are still in the country. They have to celebrate Christmas four times, with all parents separately. And although they are prepared for the worst, that of course never seems to be enough.


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