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The funniest technology gadgets for dogs

21 Aug 2017
by Linda Canter

Video chatting with your pet? This must be a joke, right? Not really. Dogs (and owners) who love gadgets are about to get thrilled because we have listed the funniest and most absurd technological gadgets for your four-legged friend.

Bubble blowing for dogs

If your dog is done chasing balls and is looking for a new challenge, then he could start blowing bubbles by himself. Can you imagine your dog gasping for bubbles with a peanut butter smell? This toy will guarantee hilariousness! The bubble blower can also be refilled with a bacon and grilled chicken scent.

Camera attached to the collar

Curious about what your dog is up to while you are at work? Find out with a spy camera. Attach the camera to the collar of your dog so you can track every move of your four-legged friend. The footage is easily transferred to your computer or laptop and you discover what happens when the boss is away from home in not time.

Playing with a laser

Does your dog enjoy chasing a laser point? You do not have to hassle with a laser pen any longer because now there are automated lasers. The device projects a light beam on to the floor or the wall. The laser moves automatically so your dog can run through the room like crazy while you are peacefully reading a book on the couch.

Tweeting pets

A Twitter account for your dog whereby he keeps the world up to date of his daily activities, it sounds funny, right? If your dog barks, expect a tweet like: “I bark because I miss you”. There I said it. Now hurry home”. And when chasing his own tail: “I finally caught that tail I have been chasing and… OOUUUCHH!” And sometimes he asks Twitter for a bit of help: “L’ il help! Nose stuck in bird feeder!”. It does sound hilarious to receive messages on Twitter from your dog, right? The device is attached to his collar and every time your dog barks, this bark will get translated into a message on Twitter. But your dog of course needs to be in the direct zone of wireless internet connection.

Gaming on the console

Does your dogs always carefully watches your son or daughter gaming with a tilted head? Maybe he just wants to try it out for himself. Now your dog or cat can go nuts on a special console. He must perform simple actions and he will get rewarded in return. The device has three buttons and when one of them burns, the dog must tap it with his paw as quickly as possible. It is still quite simple in the beginning but the game gets harder as it proceeds. You can check if your dog is talented with an app

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