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The Health benefits of sunshine and vitamine D

1 Jun 2016
by Linda Canter

Getting sunshine is healthy. Doesn’t everybody feel much better in spring and summer than in fall and winter? We owe it all to the rays of sunshine sent down from the skies, hence, the importance of being outside for a sufficient amount of time. I enjoy getting myself exposed to sunshine on sunny days by sitting outside on the terrace, going to the beach or going for a bike ride. It’s the body’s natural reaction to produce vitamine D as soon as the skin comes in contact with sunlight. This substance called vitamine D takes care of keeping your body in good health. It influences our bodies’ growth, strength, immune system, recovery and the nerve system’s processes. Our food contains vitamine D, however, only in insignificant amounts. Therefore, it is important to get in the outdoors on a daily basis.

The capability of vitamine D and its pace to heal our bodies is astonishing. Exposing yourself to sunlight for six days heals an absence of 49 days from it. This, however, depends on age, skin type, season, the time of the day and other aspects. The best possible advice is to go on a walk daily for at least half an hour. For example, go for a hike, bike ride or take on gardening activities and hereby getting your daily dose of exercise.

Sun and skin cancer

People nowadays relate the sun to skin cancer. Long exposure to the sun might cause cancer, however, responsible, thoughtful and moderation of exposure to sunlight can be key preventing it. This is due to the efficaciousness of vitamine D preventing cancer. The Dutch charity “KWF kankerbestrijding”, an initiative to cure cancer, states that the exposure of sunlight goes hand in hand with lowering the chances of breast, colon or prostate cancer. Hereby it is advised to go out there and enjoy the sun, however with moderation, and take good care of not getting any sunburns. Besides, sunshine has positive effects on skin disease psoriasis. Due to dry weather and the sun, the skin tissue improves dramatically. Exposure to sunlight also has positive effects on the blood pressure by lowering it, hence the lower chance of heart attacks, strokes, thrombosis and hypertension. Overall we can conclude that the sun is way more beneficial than for giving you a tan only.

Better moods because of sunlight

I’m always in good spirits when the sun is out. I feel more motivated to take on activities and I feel less washed out. This is because of the formation of serotonin. This substance takes care of you experiencing stress less intense and improves your ability to let things go. Therefore, you feel better in the warm rays of sun. Besides, the sun helps curing insomnia. Exposing yourself in the daytime causes the production of melatonin during the night to increase. Moreover, sunlight helps keeping you in good shape due to the decrease of an appetite for food. Take care of your water and food intake and don’t forget to protect your skin with sunscreen with an UV-filter if you’re planning on staying longer in the sun any longer than 15 minutes.

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