The positive effects of pets on elders

The positive effects of pets on elders

Just imagine: you are 85 years old, physically challenged and your stamina is not as it used to be but you do have a cat or a dog to share your life with through the good and bad times. However, the only thing becoming more difficult is taking care of the pet and to giving it the needed attention. Saying goodbye of your loved one is the last thing you want to think about, especially when the animal is the only comrade you have. Luckily, there are many initiatives enabling elder people to keep their beloved pets. I cannot imagine how it must be to get separated from my cat if I would get sent to a nursing home but I could imagine becoming very unhappy if it would happen. Pets have a positive effect on the mental and psychical health of the elderly, hence the importance to stay in touch with animals

Animals and the elderly: a good idea

Research has shown that pets have a positive effect on older people. A research from charity named ZorgDier has proven the increase of joy, contact with others, activity and stamina, confidence, motivation and focus when having contact with animals. It almost works therapeutical because it increases the quality of life of mentally or psychical challenged people. Reasons enough to grow old together with your pet. When elder people need to move to a nursing home, it often means they have to say goodbye to their beloved pet which often is very difficult. Luckily, many nursing homes already allow pets. Moreover, there are many initiatives that bring elder animal lovers in contact with animals. For example, there are volunteers who come by weekly with their own pet which has a positive effect on the wellbeing of the residents of nursing homes.

Homecare for pets

There are numerous possibilities for elders who live at home, but do not have the ability to take care of their pet. Cleaning the cat’s litter box or walking the dog is not easy when being old. There are initiatives providing special care for animals so they can continue living with their owners. It is possible to put up a request on the website of Hulp bij Huisdieren when you are in need of help or if you want to help someone in need with taking care of their pet. Homecare for pets makes a big difference to people and animals. There are numerous initiatives on voluntary base. Nowadays there is also a charity named OOPOEH (grandparents “babsysitting” pets) which enables 55 plus year olds to offer themselves as a buddy for a pet. Because of this initiative, seniors are helped by providing them with more companionship and activity, owners are being helped with reliable “babysitters” and pets are receiving the loving care they need. Sounds fantastic, right?

Do you know older animal lovers? Stop by with your pet and look what you can mean for him or her today.


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