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There is so much more to a pumpkin

17 Oct 2016
by Linda Canter

Pumpkins appear every year at the end of October. If you say Halloween, you actually mean carving out pumpkins. Did you however know the other possibilities of pumpkins? Prepare your house or garden for the autumn season with these variations.

Pumpkin lanterns

We all know by now how to make a pumpkin as scary as possible. Get started with a sharp knife to carve out a scary face to subsequently enhance the frightening effects by putting a tea light inside. However, this pumpkin is not going to be scary. Think of a nice pattern such as hart-shaped dots or an autumn leaf. Thereafter, make holes into the pumpkin so that a pattern takes shape. Thereafter, put in the tea light into the carved pumpkin. Put the lid back on top of the pumpkin and there you go: you have a beautiful lantern for in or outside your home.

Pumpkin vase

This idea is very simple yet awesome for the autumn season. Open up a pumpkin with a knife on the topside and fill it with a layer of water. Buy a pretty bouquet with autumn coloured flowers such as orange and red. Put this bouquet in the pumpkin and here you go, you got a beautiful vase. You can put a small bucket filled with water inside the pumpkin as well in order to prevent water leaking out.

A pumpkin Volkswagen van

This idea requires more craftiness. Search an image of a Volkswagen van in order to attain proper shaping. You can carve out windows as soon as the pumpkin is hallowed. Do not forget about the bumper and headlights. Now the hardest part takes place: take a chisel and cut out the top of the pumpkin in a V-shape. This has to be done very precisely because you want to be able to see the Volkswagen logo. You could also draw the logo with a marker to ease the process of carving out the pumpkin.

Serving food from a pumpkin

Having guests over for diner and serving a pumpkin based dish? Serve the dish in the skin of the pumpkin. First, spoon it out to prevent damage. Make a delicious and creamy pumpkin soup to finally serve it inside the pumpkin itself. Not only does it look fun at dinner but you and your guests will get to enjoy the taste even more.

As an accessory between other autumn decorations

You do not always have to hallow a pumpkin. Put the pumpkin on a large, wooden tray and decorate it with leaves and pinecones. You could cover the pumpkin in glue to sprinkle it afterwards with orange glitters for a sparkly look.

What to do with the pumpkin’s guts

Make a delicious dish such as pumpkin cake or pumpkin brownies. You could also make soup, hummus or jam out of it. Hereby you will both have a beautiful piece to decorate your home with and a yummy dish.
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