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These 7 tips will help you to wake up

29 May 2017
by Linda Canter

Do you have trouble waking up? And are you not really the best version of yourself in the morning? With these seven tips you will rise and shine. A great way to start the day!

1. Fresh air

Do you wake up at night all wet from sweat or with a clogged nose? Or are you so tired you are wondering if you slept in the first place? You probably don’t get enough fresh air when sleeping. Leave the window open while sleeping. This way your brains will get fresh oxygen. Sixteen degrees is apparently the best temperature for your bedroom.

2. Dark at night, natural light in the morning

For a good night sleep, you have to have a good sleeping environment. It’s important that your bedroom is dark at night. Light will disturb you. That being said: it is important to have curtains that don’t block all the light. The best way to wake up is with natural light. This will prepare your body for the coming day.

3. Replace your alarm clock

There is no worse way than to wake up while your alarm clock is screaming if you are not a morning person. Of course it’s important to wake up on time, but you can replace your alarm clock with something nicer. Choose an alarm clock with sounds of nature, singing birds or set the alarm on your phone with your favorite song.

4. Get up as soon as you are awake

Don’t snooze. When you wake up right before the alarm and you’ll stay in bed, there is a big chance you will fall asleep again. You will probably wake up very tired again, because of the alarm clock. Get out of bed when you wake up the natural way and don’t stay in bed while snoozing. When you have got some extra time, you don’t have to rush and that’s a great way to start the morning.

5. Avoid blue light

A good morning starts with a good night. Turn of the tv the last thirty minutes before you go to bed. And more important: leave your smartphone alone. The blue light of your cell phone and television will keep you awake. It’s way better to read a book or enjoy a relaxing shower.

6. Morning sex

Are you not looking forward to getting out of bed? Morning sex is an excellent remedy to wake up, whilst staying in bed. Enjoy!

7. Something fun in prospect

If you have something fun planned, it’s a lot easier to get out of bed. We know you have to work, but you can also enjoy the little things. A great breakfast with your love instead of running to the bus with a slice of bread in hand. Or make a breakfast with croissants and fresh orange juice, instead of yogurt.


Is it still hard for you to get out of bed in the morning? Drink a lot of water in the night, so that you have to get to go to the bathroom. And don’t get back into your bed!

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