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These are the colors of the year 2018

29 Jan 2018
by Linda Canter

Every year paint producers choose several colors of the year. Also Pantone chooses the colors which they think will have a huge impact on fashion designers, interior designers and designers of products and packaging. Just like last year, gray tones are still very popular. In 2017 the violet-gray color Dorade (from Histor) and the blue-gray color Denim Drift (from Flexa) were named Color of the Year.


Heart Wood by Flexa

If you aren’t scared of a bit of color in your home, Heart Wood from Flexa is a lovely color for you. This mature grayish pink color is soothing and can be described as an aged pink shade, which can be perfectly combined with other grayish colors. Heart Wood by Flexa can be used with colors such as gray-blue, greyish green, black, dark green, and combined with golden and wood tones and of course light and dark gray. I love Heart Wood and fortunately my husband is not afraid of a little pink either; we will therefore combine the Color of the Year 2018 Heart Wood from Flexa with our matte black kitchen in our new home. A lovely look that kitchen will have, I can guarantee you that much.


Climax by Histor

The Histor Color of the Year 2018 is also a grayish tint. Climax is a deep gray shade with a blueish look and the color has a purple undertone. Climax Color of the Year 2018 from Histor is a warm color, which ensures a safe and secure feeling. This makes it ideal for an accent wall in the living room. You can combine the color well with trendy shades such as petrol, ocher yellow and of course also with colors as powdery pink, white, soft gray and blue shades. It is also a perfect combination with the color of last year: Dorade. For example, create a panel on the long wall in your living room by only painting only the bottom one-and-a-half meters of the wall.


Ultra Violet from Pantone

Ultra Violet was chosen Color of the Year 2018 by color coding manufacturer Pantone. In contrast to Histor and Flexa, Pantone chose a striking, bright color. Pantone is not a paint manufacturer, but a company that produces color coding. These color codes are made to be sure that textile manufacturers, paint manufacturers and designers all use the same color. So you know for sure that the color of the year, Ultra Violet, with Pantone color number 18-3838, as well as the fabric and paint with that number all have the same color. According to Pantone, the purple color is easy to use with grayed-up lavender and lilac colors, but also with other purple and pink hues. Last year, Pantone chose the fresh green color Greenery as their color of the year.


If you choose a trend color, then you really do not have to paint your entire home. As mentioned earlier, an accent wall in the living room is a great way to give the room a new look without changing too much. We also see more and more colored backsplashes in the kitchen. By using washable paint you can brush away greasy splashes and coffee stains. Which color fits into your house?

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