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These are the food trends of 2017

8 May 2017
by Linda Canter

Cookbooks on how to eat ourselves healthy, vital, happy and (even) smart, with the help of superfoods, are being sold like hot cakes. The supermarket shelves are filling up more and more with nuts, seeds, legumes and many types of quinoa in the recent years and avocados are the nowadays’ green gold. The breakfast section has doubled, full of variations of granola and muesli. We also focus more on animal cruelty-free foods.

What are the food trends of 2017? Here is a small selection of what to expect in the upcoming months.

Care for food and transparency

Careful attention towards foods will continue to increase. We eat less meat, are open to new flavours and more and more initiatives of small businesses that sell durable and healthy products will arise. Consumers are demanding clear and transparent information about the ingredients and the production processes. We want to see clear labels with words that we can understand and pronounce.

Smart technology in the kitchen

Smart technologies are increasingly used in the kitchen. For example, a smart frying pan with a digital thermometer, which tells your smartphone when to turn your piece of salmon through an app. And soon your perfect cup of coffee will be ready by one simple touch of your phone. Talking about waking up nicely.

Black spaghetti or blue smurf lattes

You probably noticed by now; social media is filled with photos of delicious breakfasts, smoothies and snacks. Restaurants cannot fall behind this trend and are doing their best to make their plates even more colourful. Think of a pink bagel made from red beets or a green spinach pancake. Or even black spaghetti or a black bun burger, which owe their colour to added squid ink or bamboo charcoal. Or a blue smurf latte which consists of ingredients such as algae powder; the sky is the limit.

We choose raw foods

The so-called "raw foods" are becoming increasingly popular. Hereby we are talking about foods that are not heated above 45 degrees. The advantage of raw foods is that the enzymes remain intact and help the body to absorb vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. These foods are meant to give you energy and are beneficial for your immune system and skin.

Natural juices or trendy cocktails

Instead of artificial drinks, we are now in the search for natural juices. If you want something stronger than aloe, maple or artichoke water, you can opt for a trendy cocktail this summer. Examples of trendy cocktails are the Copa Verde (with tequila, lime, agave and avocado) and the Gold Rush (bourbon, lemon juice, honey and mint).

Food stress

The times of simply getting a loaf of bread at the bakery are long gone. Try to make a pick quickly when you have so many options to choose from; will you go for sourdough, spelt bread or multigrain? Or when you order pizza, do you want a turmeric or a seaweed crust? Or when you finally made a choice of what three flavours of ice cream you want, then you still need to choose whether the cone is going to be made from pretzels, waffles or cookie dough?

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