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These are the spring trends for your home

5 Mar 2017
by Linda Canter

Are you looking forward to improve your house and wondering which home trends are hip and happening at the moment? We have five trends for the spotlight.

Urban Jungle: plants, plants and more plants!

There is no Instagram feed you can open without seeing the urban jungle. The urban jungle is not that special or hard to achieve: it’s just plants in your house. Big plants, small cacti, palms, plants hanging from the ceiling. It’s not really different from the plants in the living room your mother had in the 80s. Besides a lot of green plants, you also use the green color in other interior items like pillows. In addition to the urban jungle, you can use macrame plant hangers which will hang from the ceiling or at the wall. These pendants are made from hand-knotted rope and gives your home jungle a natural feel. The urban jungle style can be further combined with materials such as rattan, wood and linen. And with plant art you can also create the urban jungle effect. Don’t forget to water the plants!

Popular colors: dark blue and dark green

Do you want to give your lounge a metamorphosis? The easiest way is to paint one of your walls. If you feel comfortable with trends, choose a very intense dark blue or dark green color. Do you think your living room will be too dark with a dark blue wall? The color Denim Drift has been branded ‘the color of 2017’ and is a beautiful, soft blue-gray color. You can also choose to keep your walls light and work with dark blue or dark green accessories.

Spring Trend 2017: cork

Another trend that we will see a lot this year is cork. Last year it was a bit on the rise already, but it can be called a real trend in 2017. Cork was part of the interior in the 80s, disappeared, but now it’s back again. You can buy cork furniture like stools, but cork is also used in a lot of trendy home accessories. Is cork furniture a bit too much for you? You can also choose for a bulletin board, a vase or coasters made of cork.

Terracotta in your home

It’s perfect to combine with your urban jungle and cork coasters: terracotta. Give your house an extra punch with plants in terracotta flower pots. They can’t be missing on the windowsill this year. Terracotta has a reddish brown color. In addition to the flower pots it can be very cool to paint one wall in the shade. However, most people opt for the safe pots if they do want terracotta in their interior. The reddish brown color can easily be combined with almost any color at home.

Boho Chic

Bohemian is a trend that we got to know in 2016, but it’s still big in 2017. This spring is the right time to introduce boho chic to your home. This trends contains patterns, prints, earth tones and neutral colors.
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