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This how to persevere your resolutions

9 Jan 2017
by Linda Canter

Eating healthy, quitting smoking, cleaning out the shed and visiting your mom more often. Almost everyone makes new year’s resolutions. However, it often turns out to be quite tricky to stick to these resolutions and to not fall back into old habits. We give you six tips to persevere your resolutions this time successfully!

1. Set achievable goals

The new year feels like a new start to many people. They often overdo setting new goals, though. You want to change and therefore you do not realise right away that your goals might be unrealistic. Do you, for example, want to lose ten kilos? Try to lose three kilo first. If you have achieved this, set a new goal afterwards.

2. Write down your resolutions

We are still very enthusiastic about our resolutions during the first weeks. However, as time passes the goal often fade away as well. Write them down on a piece of paper and hang this on a visible place, on the fridge for example. Overtime you come across this, you are getting reminded of your resolutions.

3. Do not make too many resolutions

Many people are mistaken by making too many resolutions. This happens because we want too much, too soon and this causes chaos in the mind. It is difficult to change your routines, especially when you have many goals. For instance, quitting smoking is a huge change of habit and you would only invite problems by wanting to lose 10 kilos at the same time. The larger the number of resolutions, the more discipline and willpower you will need. Choose the one on the top of your priority list and focus fully.

4. Inform your circle of family and friends

Tell the people you are surrounded with about your new resolutions. This might sound scary at first because they will find out too if you fail to achieve your goal but this also keeps you on the right track. Moreover, these circle of people around you can help you to stay motivated.

5. Make a new year’s resolution together

Sometimes, having a resolution with somebody else works better than having a goal by only yourself. This way you can support and inspire each other when de goings get tough. Besides, this way you do not have to worry about your spouse grabbing a bag of crisps while causing you to have difficulties to contain yourself. Besides, it works highly motivating to lose weight when a friend has lost ten kilos already.

6. Do not give up right away

This might be the most important piece of advice: do not quit as soon as you are experiencing your first fallback. Changing your ways often is difficult and do not be hard on yourself when things do not work out the way you wanted them to. Most important is to get yourself back together in order to keep pursuing your goal. It is not a disaster to take a break and thereafter proceed with creating new your habits.

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