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By Linda Canter, 30 april 2018

Trouble sleeping? This can be the cause!

Are you experiencing trouble when you are trying to sleep? Do you wake up tired and without energy? In short: have you been in bed all night but don’t you feel rested at all? Sleep deprivation has a negative influence on daily behavior and your health. It is nice if you can tackle the cause of sleep deprivation so that you will wake up rested from now on. These things can cause you to sleep poorly!



Stress is the biggest cause of having trouble sleeping. When you have all kinds of worries on your mind, it is difficult to fall asleep. Stress can have various causes, and it’s really worth it trying to address the problem.



Just a last cigarette before you go to bed: many smokers do it. Don’t do it anymore! Nicotine stimulates the brain, so it’s not conducive to your night's sleep. Even better is to quit smoking all along of course.


Your bed is too hot

In winter it is wonderful to step into a warm bed. Still, a bed that’s too warm is not good for your night's sleep because often you are going to turn around. Go rather for a slightly colder temperature in bed that is still comfortable enough.


Reading books

You may have heard that reading a book before bedtime is better than watching television. But if it is an emotional disturbing book, a very exciting book or an very intellectual book, your brain will get too much stimuli and won’t relax. It is therefore better to read a magazine or easy novel.


A sleeping disorder

Do you wake up tired and exhausted after a night with enough sleep? You may have a sleep disorder. Some examples of a sleep disorder are snoring, teeth grinding, sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. You do not have to notice anything about a sleep disorder, but it can ensure that you do not get into your deep sleep or that you wake up for a short while without being aware of it. To find out, you could ask your partner if he or she would like to look after you when you are asleep. If you suspect that you have a sleep disorder, go to the doctor.


A bad mattress

If you have trouble sleeping, it can be easy to blame mental or physical complaints for it. But did you know that the cause can also lie within the mattress? A bad mattress ensures that your body can’t relax and that makes it difficult for you to fall asleep in your deep sleep. A mattress that is not adjusted to your body creates a poor sleeping position so that your body constantly tightens and you turn too often in your sleep. This only costs you energy. Neck and back complaints can be the result of a bad mattress too. Who knows, the solution is much closer than you think!


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