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Your skiing trip is not complete without these items

30 Jan 2017
by Linda Canter

Do you go on a ski holiday this time of year? You know of course that you should bring warm clothes, your sunglasses and sunscreen. But there are other elements which you can not do without when you go skiing or snowboarding and we have listed them for you.

Snow, snow, and more snow

Sun, blue skies, the best slopes, but what you really need is snow. Snow, snow, and even more snow please. (Cross country) skiing, and snowboarding will be hard without a thick, soft layer of snow under your ski’s. Not to think of the sad image of a green slope with a wet, grey layer of goo. Snow is the undisputed number one for things you need on a skiing.

A wooden chalet

Nothing is so idyllic like a wooden chalet. The American ski paradise Aspen is full of luxury wooden chalets. Enjoy the ceiling beams made of wood, animal heads on the wall and, of course, warm blankets - preferably with a grid. After a long day of skiing, a wooden chalet is the only place you really want to come home to.

A fire place

After an exhausting day on the slopes, you want nothing else than to take your thick clothes and snow boots off. The crackling fire does not only provide warmth, but also a cosy atmosphere. Enjoy the flames and snuggle up with the family around the fireplace.

Hot chocolate with whipped cream

Don’t forget to take a break to enjoy the view and catch your breath. A mug of hot chocolate will warm you, while you are looking at others hitting the slopes. Hot chocolate is just as much part of winter as a wooden chalet and a thick layer of snow. Do not forget the whipped cream though. Also a perfect drink for the kids.

A ski pass

When you are going on a holiday you don’t want to think about practical matters, but sometimes you just need to. Without a ski pass, you won’t be allowed on the slopes. If you book a complete holiday package, your pass is probably already included. The price of a ski pass in Europe can vary somewhere between 80 and 350 euros and the slopes average between 8 and 1,200 kilometers. A huge difference, which can make an expensive ticket to a high mileage track relatively cheap again.

Ski clothing and materials

Another practical matter: if this is your first skiing holiday and you don’t know yet whether it will become an annual ritual, then just rent your materials. You can rent your helmet, snowboard, boots and even a ski box to transport everything. Way cheaper for a single use.


Forget the après-ski from your teenage years, where you would end up on top of the bar instead of at it. Literally translated from French, après-ski means just after skiing and is increasingly becoming a social activity, more than just drinking. Enjoy the food, a drink and a dance.
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