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Electronic smoking with Atlantic

Atlantic Cigs is an American manufacturer of electronic cigarettes who finds usability one of the most important things concerning e-cigarettes. In The Netherlands and Belgium we are the official partner of Atlantic and we deliver straight out of our own stock. Atlantic is best known for it’s range of cartomizers and accessories for electronic smoking. Of course, we have Starter Kits available for the newcomers to e-smoking, like the Atlantic Nautilus Mondo e-cigarette Starter Kit and the more comprehensive Pro kits. Both kits are available in 650 mAh and1500 mAh.

Atlantic batteries and other accessories

The most simple kit is the Aqua Intro Kit, which includes an e-cigarette battery, an 8-pack cartomizers and a USB adapter. An Atlantic 8-pack cartomizers comes in different flavors such as Red, Gold and Menthol. The e-liquids are available in these aromas as well, but we also have other flavors like Sweet and Isle Mocha. In terms of accessories Atlantic offers batteries, 2.0 tanks, a portal mini tank, USB adapters, USB cables and a USB multiport power strip. Do you want to store your Atlantic e-cigarette safely? Than you can opt for the Deluxe Case. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.
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Cartomizers suitable for
Atlantic Aqua - Green Smoke battery
Atlantic Greenville Gold - 8 Cartomizers
Atlantic Grenoble Absolute - 8 Cartomizers
Atlantic Greensboro Red - 8 Cartomizers
Atlantic Aqua Ocean Kit
Atlantic Wave e-cigarette Kit
Atlantic Nautilus e-cigarette Starter Kit (650 mAh)
Atlantic Iceland Menthol Cartomizers - 8 Cartomizers
Atlantic Greenwich Village Menthol - 8 Cartomizers
Atlantic Gibraltar Traditional Cartomizers
Atlantic Greenacres Sweet Cream - 8 Cartomizers
Atlantic Portal Mini Tank
Atlantic Aqua USB Adapter
Atlantic Deluxe Case
Atlantic Emarald Isle Mocha - 8 cartomizers
Atlantic Caribbean Cafe Cartomizers
Atlantic USB Multi Port Power Strip
Atlantic Bermuda Sweet Cartomizers
Atlantic Byzantium Cherry - 8 Cartomizers
Atlantic Wave battery
Atlantic Nautilus Bottom Coil 2.0 Tank - 3 Pack
Atlantic Azores Classic Cartomizers
Atlantic Variety Pack
Atlantic Lisbon Grape - 8 Cartomizers