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Bicycle (18)


Are you a fan of card games? Treat yourself with the best playing cards in the world. Bicycle playing cards are perfect for all card games and magic tricks. This is an American brand and is part of The United States Playing Card Company, which has been producing playing cards since 1885. This company is one of the largest and most well known companies worldwide. Bicycle playing cards are popular throughout the entire world. They are widely used in American casinos and it is the favourite brand of magicians for card tricks. These playing cards are so popular because of the high quality. The cards have a special 'air cushion finish', making the cards slide easily through your hands.

Playing Cards of Bicycle


At Novus Fumus, you will find different types of Bicycle playing cards. The most common types of cards are those with a red and blue deck, the Rider Back. These cards are almost iconic because they made many appearances in movies. Moreover, these cards are the default in many casinos in the country and abroad. The cards are flexible, have a long lifespan and are less sticky than cards from other brands. Thus, the fanatic card players should definitely have this set at home. Bicycle has playing cards for all kinds of games including bridge, poker and blackjack. In addition, the brand regularly brings out special editions (Limited Edition). Only a few copies of these Limited Editions are available. For example, there are playing cards in the theme of Vincent van Gogh and Edgar Allan Poe in circulation. There are also special cards for magicians. On the back of these special cards you see a mark as an indication of which card it is. A beginner will never see these little details, so with these playing cards you can fool anyone.

Bicycle Outlaw XXX 1914
Bicycle Run Playing Cards Heat Edition
Bicycle Run Playing Cards Standard
Bicycle Kingpin (Ultra Limited Edition)
Bicycle Texan Playing Cards Deck 1889 (Limited Quantity)
€7,95 €6,76
Bicycle Weapons
Bicycle Love Promise of Vow
Bicycle Kingdoms (Red)
Bicycle 40 Years of Fear Jaws Playing Card - Crooked Kings
Bicycle Grimoire
Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck (Rood of Blauw)
Bicycle Bridge Playing Cards
€4,00 €3,40
Bicycle Edgar Allan Poe Playing Cards
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