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Easy Puff electronic cigarettes are known worldwide for its high quality and relatively low prices. It is one of the largest manufacturers in e-cigarettes worldwide and is based in New Zealand. This brand’s e-cigarettes have a longer lifespan than the average cartomizer. As a result, you enjoy this e-cigarette about 25% longer than other brands’ e-cigarettes. Besides, the cartomizers of this brand are 100% compatible with all Green Smoke batteries. These cartomizers are therefore a good alternative if you still have Green Smoke batteries in your house. Novus Fumus has Easy Puff batteries, cartomizers and starter kits in the assortment.

Easy Puff Cartomizers


The heating element of a cartomizer with the liquid reservoir and nozzle is already combined and pre-filled with liquid. Therefore the Easy Puff's electronic cigarette only consists of two parts: the cartomizer and a battery. To start with e-smoking, connect the cartomizer to the battery. A cartomizer is not refillable so you always throw away the empty cartomizer and connect the battery to a new one. This way of e-smoking is very simple because you do not have to mess with e-liquids and no coils need to be replaced. This brand's e-cigarettes therefore are very popular with people who want to stop smoking normal cigarettes. Additionally, the switch is not that big because the e-cigarette is as big as a traditional cigarette. The cartomizers are available in many different tobacco and fruit flavours. You have the choice of three different nicotine levels: 0, 14 and 18 mg.


Call, mail or chat with Novus Fumus if you have any questions or when you are in need of advice about the products of Easy Puff.

Easypuff Normal Tobacco Flavour
Easypuff Western Red Tobacco
Easypuff Coffee Flavour
Easypuff Vanilla
Easypuff Western Blue Tobacco
Easypuff Tobacco
Easypuff e-cigarette Starter Kit
Easypuff Menthol
Easypuff Outback Tobacco Flavour
Easypuff INTRO Kit
Easypuff Sahara
Easypuff EasyPuff battery - 280mAh
Easypuff Watermelon
Easypuff Sweet Cherry
Easypuff Grapes
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