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Efest accessories for e-cigarettes

Efest is a brand in batteries for e-cigarettes. The Efest teammembers, coming from Hongkong, Japan and Canada, use the very latest technology in the field of lithium batteries. Efest strives to produce batteries and chargers of the highest quality possible. The products are of high quality and have passed several international tests, therefore Efest has received certificates.

Efest batteries and chargers

With us you can order the Efest 19650 battery. This is a battery of 3500mAh which is suitable for the e-Joyetech cigarette. We also offer the Efest Luc S2 charger: a charger for two batteries with a sleek design. This charger for electronic cigarettes is very user-friendly; on the front it has a LED screen on which you can check the battery settings and see how full the battery is. The charger is also equipped with heat protection. For all your questions about the Efest e-sig accessories you can call, mail or chat with Novus Fumus.
Efest 18650 battery (3500mAh) 20A
Efest 12000mAh Powerbank
€38,95 €33,11
Efest LUC S2 charger
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