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HeadBlade razor blades


A shaved head gives a man a tough appearance. But it can be quite the challenge to shave your head bald the good way. Therefore, there is HeadBlade: special razor blades for your head. HeadBlade is also called “the ultimate razor for a silky smooth skull”. The razor blade is specially designed for shaving the curves of the head without leaving nicks and cuts. It is perfectly positioned in the hand and rolls over the scalp in a natural movement. The HeadBlade is therefore the ideal solution for men who like to face life with smooth-headed.


Razor blades for the head


HeadBlade is an innovative razor blade with a special shape. This makes it possible to shave your head without any cuts. He is designed to follow the contours of the skull. This means that you do not have to mess around with an ordinary razor blade any longer. Slide the ring over your middle finger and take your hand over your head as if stroking your hair. Repeat this movement while moving aside a bit with each track you take. Hereby every square millimeter is being taken care of, even the parts of the head you cannot see in the mirror. The result is a nice smooth skull that is ready to face the world.


Quick and effective shaving


Shaving the head is a fast and efficient task thanks to the brilliant design of the HeadBlade. That is reflected in the tough design. The blade is shaped in a Formula 1 racing car with real wheels that roll over the skin. An essential tool for tough and bald men. This device is delivered with an HB4 razor blade. In addition to this blade, HeadBlade also has other shaving products such as shaving cream and cases to safely store your razor. Check out the assortment online at Novus Fumus.

Headblade Travel Shell
Headblade ATX LE Black
Headblade Headslick shaving cream
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Headblade HB4 Blades
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Headblade MOTO
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Headblade S4 Lunar Eclipse
Headblade Ghost
Headblade Headshed
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Headblade HB3 Blades
Headblade ATX
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Headblade Sport
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