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JustFog e-cigarettes

JustFog is a well known manufacturer of electronic cigarettes. This South Korean brand was founded in 2009 and, since then, it strives to deliver the highest quality e-cigarettes possible as another source of nicotine. The products in the range are popular for their high quality and their great vapor production. JustFog has obtained several certificates with their e-cigs.

JustFog products and accessories

If you are just starting out to smoke electronic, the JustFog 1453 Starter set is perfect for you. This set includes a battery, clearomizer, charger and two additional coils. The battery in this set is a JustFog 1453 900mAh 'passthrough' battery: a battery that allows you to smoke and charge simultaneously. Very handy if your battery is empty earlier than expected. The 'pass trough' is available separately as well.

You can also order the JustFog original coils with us. These coils can be connected to the 1453 Clearomizers. In our product range you find nozzles for the JustFog 1453 as well, available in black and transparent. These nozzles are also known as ‘driptips’ and they fit on many clearomizers with a removable driptip.
JustFog MINIFIT POD (3 PCS) - 1.6OHM
JustFog C14 Single Set - 900mAh
JustFog FOG 1 All in One
JustFog Q16 startset
JustFog Compact kit Q14 900mAh
JustFog C601
JustFog Wall plug
JustFog P16 Clearomizer
JustFog 1453/Maxi V2 coils (5 stuks)
JustFog JUSTFOG C601 POD - 1.7ML
JustFog 1453 MAXI driptip 510
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