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Kangertech is one of the precursors in the field of electric smoking. The brand, also called Kanger, is known as a producer and pioneer of high quality and durable e-cigarettes and clearomizers. They have been working on the development of these high-quality e-smoking products since 2007. This company is a true champion and always been a market leader by bringing out truly unique products for an very affordable price. For example, Kangertech was one of the first to develop the Dual Coils whereafter they launched one successful clearomizer on the market after another. Kanger has become a leading brand in the field of electronic smoking and therefore is very popular among e-smokers.

Kanger Clearomizers


Novus Fumus has several Kangertech accessories for electronic smoking. An example is the 1.8 Ohm Kanger Dual Coils that can be used with different e-cigarettes and clearomizers such as the AeroTank (emow), ProTank 3, Mini ProTank 3 and the eVod 2. You also find the Kangertech Clearomizer T4 0.9 ml, suitable for Svapo e-pipes, in the assortment of Novus Fumus. A clearomizer is a very important part of an e-cigarette. It is a tank with a (replaceable) heat element inside. The Kangertech clearomizer is transparent so you can see how much fluid is left.


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