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Magic Mist was the first and now is the largest American company that produces electronic cigarettes that can be used in combination with products from other major e-cigarette brands, for example Green Smoke. The brand was launched in 2011 and tries to keep the costs of e-cigs as low as possible by spending minimal money on ads. In stead, Magic Mist wants to invest it’s money in the quality, research, tests and innovation of the products. Magic Mist values his customers and takes their opinions along in the improvement of the electronic cigarette.

Magic Mist products

The Magic Mist cartomizers are known by their rich tobacco flavor and thick vapor. They are slightly longer than the original Green Smoke and V2 cartomizers and therefore they last a little longer. The Magic Mist cartomizers are very popular because the flavor is really good and the vapor is perfect until the last drop. If you are just starting out with e-smoking, the Geneva Starter Kit or the Geneva Intro Kit will fit you very well. These kits contain batteries, five cartomizers and a USB adapter. You can also pick separate cartomizers, batteries, chargers or an e-cigarette case to store your electronic smoke safely. For questions about these Magic Mist e-sig products and accessories, please call, email or chat with Novus Fumus.
Magic Mist Geneva - Menthol
Magic Mist Geneva - Tobacco
Magic Mist V2 Cartomizers
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Magic Mist Geneva Green Smoke battery
Magic Mist Geneva Blanks - Empty Cartomizers
Magic Mist E-cigarette case
Magic Mist Geneva USB Adapter
Magic Mist V2 Cartomizers - Menthol
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