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German brand Mühle possesses the rare craft of manufacturing shaving brushes made from badger hair of the highest quality. She also offers an exclusive assortment of other shaving products such as razors, shavers, shaving soap, shaving cream and natural cosmetics. Every product is made with love and only the very best materials. Every detail, from the badger hair to the coating, has been completed with the utmost care. Mühle stands for craftsmanship, high quality, durability and uniqueness.

Stylish shaving products

The eyes want something too. In addition to quality, Mühle designers attach great importance to style and appearance. The products are all shaped in a sleek, modern design that fit today’s man. The choice of special materials such as polished resin handles, metal chromed handles and special coatings give the products a seductive gloss and a luxurious look. The chosen materials shine in beauty, but also in performance and they have a long lifespan. The care products in the assortment are enriched with natural ingredients such as fair-trade Indonesian sandalwood or argan oil. Argan oil hydrates the skin and has the favourable property to prevent skin aging. The scents of coriander and star anise turn shaving into a real pleasure.

Handmade shaving brushes

Mühle's greatest pride is the handmade shaving brushes of precious badger hair. Binding the hairs  into the brushes is an extremely precise task and a skill that only a few experts have mastered. That same love for the craft is reflected in all other products from the collection of shaving items. From sharp razors to nourishing shaving creams and lotions. Everything is designed in a quest for ultimate perfection in order to make shaving a pleasant and relaxing experience. No matter what product you choose, with Mühle you can count on high quality, stylish design and great user-friendliness. Take a look at the full assortment online at Novus Fumus.

Mühle R89 Head
Mühle S091M89 Safety Razor set
€149,00 €110,50
Mühle 091M89 Shaving brush Silvertip
€87,00 €67,15
Mühle Safety Razor with open comb
€35,00 €31,00
Mühle VIVO Safety Razor
Mühle Rytmo - Gillette Mach3®
€39,50 €29,75
Mühle Safety Razor with open comb
€35,00 €31,00
Mühle R89 Safety Razor Twist
Mühle R89 Safety Razor Grande
Mühle R89 Safety Razor
Mühle Sandalwood Aftershave Milk
Mühle Rytmo - Gillette Fusion®
€39,50 €29,75
Mühle Rytmo - Gillette Mach3®
€99,00 €76,50
Mühle VIVO Safety razor - Closed Comb
Mühle Rytmo - Gillette Fusion®
€107,00 €82,45
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