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Nomatic stands for multifunctionality for at home and on the move. Nomatic's wallets, notebooks and backpacks reflect the designers' pursuit of ultimate perfection. This brand has won the trust of the big public with several successful Kickstarter projects and has not embarrassed this trust even once. When holding a Nomatic product in hands, you soon start to notice that every single detail has been carefully considered. The designers have always had the goal of designing a product that meets even the highest demands and to provide the user with the greatest user-friendliness.


Multifunctional backpacks


The last and most successful Kickstarter project by Nomatic is the multifunctional backpack. Literally everything has been thought out. For example, the backpack contains several compartments, each of which in size and functionality is precisely adapted to the piece of your luggage for which it is intended. Pushing and cramming your stuff in your bag belongs to the past because everything fits exactly. The compartment for valuable paperwork, credit cards and money is provided with RFID blocking, which prevents unwanted skimming of your cards. With a separate shoe compartment, your shoes will remain separated from your clothes, keeping your clothes clean. There is a small compartment for underwear and socks, so you always have it at hand. Even in the waistbands are small pockets where you can keep coins or your phone. This way you do not even have to take off the suitcase in order to get what you need.


Waterproof travel bag


The Nomatic backpacks are fully waterproof, weatherproof, and made of durable materials. They are wearable in different ways: as a backpack, travel bag, or shoulder bag. The bags can be supplemented with a variety of accessories such as a T-shirt organizer or toilet bag. With these extra possibilities, the functionality can be tailored to the individual’s needs even better. You can easily order your backpacks and accessories at Novus Fumus

NOMATIC Travel Pack
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NOMATIC Backpack
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NOMATIC Toiletry bag
NOMATIC Vacuum bag
NOMATIC Shirt organizer
NOMATIC Laundry bag
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