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Are you looking for a base fluid to make e-liquids yourself? The liquids of the Qpharm brand are base fluids which you can use to make your own e-liquids. This is done by mixing the basic fluid with an aroma. The basic fluids of this brand are produced in the Netherlands according to Dutch legislation and come in bottles of 10 milliliters. The Qpharm Base merely contains the most pure components of a base. This base is of top pharmaceuticals quality due to the high-quality raw materials. Creating your own e-liquids for your e-cigarette is fun, easy and financially beneficial. Moreover, you can create your favourite flavour yourself.

Qpharm Base


The base fluid of this brand has a ratio of 0PG/100VG. This variation of base fluid is intended for the "cloud chasers" because the high VG ratio creates big clouds of vapour. This liquid can be used as a flavourless liquid or to be combined with an aroma. You get started with the e-liquid base after choosing a flavour. You can decide the PG/VG ratio for yourself. PG causes the tickle in the throat and the intensity of the taste and VG is responsible for the amount of vapour clouds. If you want a more intense sensation in the throat and taste in the mouth, then choose more PG and if you want more vapour, then you choose for a higher VG ratio. Novus Fumus also has a similar mix (50PG / 50VG) in the assortment of this brand. Both the taste and throat sensations are ideally with this base. In addition, this e-liquid still gives a good vapour due to its high VG amount. The Qpharm Base liquids are available at Novus Fumus in the nicotine levels of 0, 6, 12 and 18mg.


If you have any questions about the Qpharm Base, you can call, email or chat with Novus Fumus.

Qpharm 50% VG / 50% PG Base
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