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VaporlinQ electronical cigarette

VaporlinQ is a new manufacturer in the world of electronic smoking. The brand is made on Dutch soil and has quality, innovation and perfection as main priorities. The e-cigarettes have a sleek design and a luxurious look. Although VaporlinQ is Dutch, there are plans to expand and improve the product line and become an important player on the European market. VaporlinQ calls their e-cig the electronic cigarette 3.0.

VaporlinQ products and flavors

The first products that VaporlinQ offers are four types of electric cigarettes: the Cartridge, the Taster, the Pro and the Next. These e-cigarettes are available both separately as well as in different kits. For example the handy travel kit, that comes with a luxury case which can store two e-cigarettes, three refills, a USB adapter and possibly one or two (credit)cards. Ideal for traveling. There is also a wide range of e-liquids available in several flavors: from Tropical Passion to Sweet Heaven and from Smooth Tobacco to Fresh Green Apple. The coils are sold separately as well, so you can always enjoy your smoke. For questions about these VaporlinQ products, please call, email or chat with Novus Fumus.