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Vinto Vape


Did you already meet cartomizers of Vinto Vape? You might have heard of this brand before if you were a fan of the American brand Green Smoke. This because Vinto Vape is a product of Gilla, the former distributor of Green Smoke in Europe. The former distributor came out with an own 100% compatible alternative after Green Smoke was not available in Europe any longer. Gilla did her best to duplicate Green Smoke’s most popular flavours. And that worked out very well according to Novus Fumus. An advantage is, is that the Green Smoke batteries and accessories that you might still have fit Gilla's cartomizers. Also, the cartomizers are suitable for Atlantic and Magic Mist batteries.

Vinto Vape Cartomizers 

Vinto Vape cartomizers are packed by five in a cardboard package. You just adjust these on the Green Smoke batteries you may have. This brand of course also has its own batteries and already has its own starter kit. This alternative for Green Smoke is available in different tobacco, menthol and fruit flavours. For example, in our assortment you will find the Fresh Menthol with a gentle, fresh taste of menthol and is similar to the Green Smoke Menthol Ice. The Rebel Red Tobacco has a rich tobacco flavour and is very similar to Green Smoke’s Red Label. Moreover, the sweet taste of cherries is available for your e-cigarette thanks to the Very Cherry cartomizer. All flavours are available with 0, 0.6, 1.2 or 1.8% nicotine levels.


If you have any questions about Vinto Vape's compatible cartomizers, you can contact Novus Fumus. We are available for 7 days a week til 10 pm.

Vinto Vape Coffee Blend
Vinto Vape Fresh Menthol
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