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Electronic smoking with Zensations

Zensations is a Dutch brand in electronic smoking that was introduced to the market in 2014. Zensations has a unique e-cigarette in it’s range, because the cigarette is developed and shaped differently from other electric cigarettes. The e-cigarette consists a battery with a rubber coating which provides good grip, a silver tip and a cartomizer with the e-liquid. The technical innovation behind the Zensations e-cig ensures that flavor is released continually, even if the refill runs out. Besides that you don´t have to push a button to use it, like some other electronic cigarettes.

Zensation kits and accessories

The starting smoker can opt for one of the Zensations kits. For example the test kit filled with samples (products that are not sold in stores). The batteries are testers and the cartomizers are only half full. An ideal way to get to know Zensations in an inexpensive way. There is even a Partner Kit, if you want to quit 'normal' smoking. You can expand your collection Zensations with a selection of separate accessories such as batteries, USB chargers, filters, wall plugs, pouches, refills, coils, mouth pieces and of course many flavors cartomizers. For questions about the Zensations products, please call, email or chat with Novus Fumus.
Zensations Refills - Tobacco
Zensations e-cigarette Starter Set
Zensations Angel refillable e-cigarette
Zensations Angel - Tobacco
Zensations Tropical Fruit
Zensations Angel - Coil
Zensations Energy
Zensations Angel - American Blend
Zensations Angel - Desert
Zensations Angel - USA Mix
Zensations Apple
Zensations Metal mouthpiece
Zensations Vanilla
Zensations Menthol
Zensations Angel - Mint
Zensations Angel - Menthol
Zensations Coffee
Zensations Angel - Menthol Tobacco
Zensations Luxurious e-cigarette case
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