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Bathing balls or a relaxing hot tub (15)


Bath bombs

Bath bombs will help you relax while in bath. Because of work, children, study, household and social life sometimes it looks like there is no end to all obligations. Be sure to not forget to relax. If you relax, you will sleep better and wake up more rested in the morning. So throw everything aside and just step into a bathtub with one of our bath bombs.

Handmade bath bombs

All the bath bombs in our assortment are handmade. For example, we sell handmade bath bombs of the Dutch company Handmade Soap. They make the best bath bombs with unique scents like watermelon and eucalyptus. The colors of the bath bombs put a smile on your face. As soon as you put a bomb into the water, it will begin to twist and turn. You not only smell the tasty smell, but the bubbles also provide a wonderful sensation.

Bath bombs as a gift

A set of bath bombs make a great gift. At least: if the recipient has a bath of course. In this hectic time everyone needs some relaxation. Choose a set with a mandarin scent when it’s almost Sinterklaas or autumn or choose our pugs bath bombs which have a great gift wrap. Perfect for an animal friend. Or let someone enjoy the natural scent of sandalwood.

Buy bath bombs online

Buy your bath bombs quick and safe online at Novus Fumus. If you place your order on workdays before 17:00, we will ship your package the same day. So you can go into a bath with our Flamingo bath bombs or a bomb with the smell of eucalyptus. Are you ready to put yourself in a hot tub with a good book or a nice magazine? Order your bath bombs directly in our webshop.

Handmade Soap Handmade Sandelwood Bathing Balls
Handmade Soap Handmade Watermelon Bathing Balls
Handmade Soap Handmade Mandarine Bathing Balls
Handmade Soap Handmade Passoin Fruit Bathing Balls
Novus Fumus Floral Bathing Balls
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