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Shaving is a craft. Men already learned the art of shaving in the 14th century in order to make themselves a living as a barber. A smoothly shaved face or a nicely trimmed beard gave a man a clean and respectable appearance. This is still the case today. Not only silky smooth cheeks, but also a stylish beard or trendy goatee occasionally require a razor blade for the perfect shape and length.

Online purchasing of shaving products

At Novus Fumus we know the importance of facing the day well shaved. Therefore we offer you a wide range of quality shaving products. Whether you opt for a smooth face, a perfectly styled beard or tight sideburns; with the right tools you create the best result. Choose the shaving products that fit you best and shaving will be effortless from now on. You will find everything you need for shaving in the assortment of Novus Fumus. From crafty razors for shaving the oldschool way to modern razors in cool shapes and colours. We even have razors specially designed for shaving the head.

From shaving cream to aftershave

We also got your back when it comes to offering products such as the right shaving gel and aftershave because proper skin and hair care goes hand in hand when it comes to the perfect shave. Proper care prevents irritation and ingrown hairs, and also gives a pleasant smell and a fresh feeling throughout the day. To simplify the shaving process even more, there are several handy tools available such as the beard buddy and the beard bib. With these products, visitations to the barber become no longer necessary because you are your own barber in your own bathroom now.

Headblade Headslick shaving cream
€15,95 €13,56
Headblade ATX LE Black
Bath House Cologne Spanish Fig & Nutmeg 100ml
€42,95 €36,51
Headblade Travel Shell
Headblade HB4 Blades
Shaver & Blades Classic -Medium
Bath House Cologne 100ml Cuban Cedar & Lime
€42,95 €36,51
Shaver & Blades Classic -Heavy
Mühle S091M89 Safety Razor set
€149,00 €110,50
Mühle Safety Razor with open comb
€35,00 €31,00
Novus Fumus Metal Beard Comb
Novus Fumus Beard Shampoo "Woody"
Aveline Ladyshave Razor
€18,95 €16,11
Mühle VIVO Safety Razor
Mühle Rytmo - Gillette Mach3®
€39,50 €29,75
Headblade Headcase Travel Pouch
Novus Fumus Beard oil "Woody"
Novus Fumus Beard oil Sample Pack
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