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Unlike a conventional razor, the HeadBlade makes your hand (and fingers) the handle. This gives you more control.

Head Blade - The ultimate razor for a smooth result

Your head shaving with a traditional razor is difficult, time consuming, and produces a lot of cuts and nicks on. The Head Blade is designed so that it follows the contours of the skull.
Head Blade is less than 10 cm long and looks more like an F1 racing car than a conventional razor. With a ring that fits over your middle, you can slide the blade head with a natural motion of your head. Like going through your hair with your hand. Or earlier, by your lack of hair.

Headblade MOTO
Headblade HeadLube
Headblade HB6 Blades
Headblade ATX
Headblade Headwash
Headblade HB4 Blades
Headblade HB3 Blades
Headblade ATX LE Black
Headblade Headcase Travel Pouch
Headblade Headslick shaving cream
Headblade Headshed
Headblade Clearhead
Headblade S4 Lunar Eclipse
Headblade Ghost
Headblade Travel Shell
Headblade Headstand
Headblade Sport