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Beard care

Do you have a trendy three-day beard, a goatee or even a full beard? Lately, more and more men are growing a beard. It is manly and your face will get a completely different look. Beard are almost considered as sacred to man because of this. As long as you take proper care of the beard, you can absolutely give your appearance a boost, but if you do not, you might end up looking like a bum or raging gnome. This because a beard is not just something you grow on your face, there are a few things to consider such as razors, combs, beard shampoo and wax. A beard must be well groomed with special products for beards. And, what do you really need for excellent beard care? Novus Fumus has everything in store for the perfect beard maintenance.

Oil and wax for the beard

With our grooming products, your beard gets and remains in top condition. Besides razors and combs, you can also find exquisite products such as oil and wax to give your beard the attention it deserves. For example, you can try the old-fashioned razors for sharp edges on your sideburns, beard and goatee. Hereby, you make the perfect, tight beard lines so that people may think you have visited a barber recently. Shaved hair is collected easily by the Beard Bib so that you never have to bother about hair in the sink or on the ground any longer. Use a good shampoo for that extra beard care. This product effectively cleans your beard without drying the hairs too much. The result is a super clean and soft beard. Treat your beard with some oil or wax to finish the treatment.

If you have any questions about our beard care products, you can call, email or chat with Novus Fumus.

Bath House Cologne 100ml Cuban Cedar & Lime
Novus Fumus Metal Beard Comb
Novus Fumus Beard Shampoo "Woody"
Novus Fumus Beard oil "Woody"
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Mühle S091M89 Safety Razor set
€149,00 €130,00
Novus Fumus Shavette Cut Throat Razor - Wood
Novus Fumus Beardwax "Woody"
Novus Fumus Beard Bib
Novus Fumus Beard Brush
Novus Fumus Woody Citrus Pack
Novus Fumus Beard Buddy
Novus Fumus Shavette Cut Throat Razor
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