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Shave daily (12)


Razor blades for a whole year (heavy)

A Mühle razor consists of a handle and a razor head. Double edge knives are placed in the shaver head. If you buy the starter kit, you will receive a razor and enough double edge blades for a whole year of shaving.

A starter kit consists of:

  • The Mühle razor of your choice (Classic R89 or Vintage VIVO)
  • 200 Personna Platinum double edge blades. You have to replace the blade after every third shave. With 200 blades, you will have enough for a whole year.

Choose your starter kit and accessories:

Shaver & Blades Classic -Heavy
Shaver & Blades Vintage - Heavy
Mühle Sandalwood Aftershave Milk
Bath House Cologne Spanish Fig & Nutmeg 100ml
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