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Green Smoke Compatible Cartomizers (3)

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Since early 2016, Green Smoke Europe is no longer active in Europe, and the Hungarian company's e-Distribution started production of cartomizers that are suitable for the Green Smoke e-cigarette.

The Vinto Vape cartomizers will be the first product they will market, followed by a complete line of e-cigarettes and accessories.

Novus Fumus is partner of Gilla since 2013, and we will deliver all Vinto Vape products directly from stock.

Vinto Vape is available in 3 different flavors, all based on the Green Smoke Cartomizers.

  • Rebel Red Tobacco - A rich flavored Tobacco Taste. The best alternative for Green Smoke Red Label
  • Classic Sweet Tobacco - A sweet tobacco flavor, just like the Green Smoke Absolute Tobacco
  • Fresh Menthol - Smooth fresh Menthol. Exactly like the Green Smoke Menthol Ice

All cartomizers are compatible with the Green Smoke, Atlantic Aqua and Magic Mist Geneva batteries.
Each package holds 5 cartomizers.

theoreon INTRO Kit
theoreon Variety Pack
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