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Vinto Vape - Green Smoke Compatible Cartomizers

Vinto Vape cartomizers are compatible with the Green Smoke battery. Now you can vape just like you did before! Only now with Vinto Vape. The beste Green Smoke alternative


Since early 2016, Green Smoke Europe is no longer active in Europe, and the Hungarian company's e-Distribution started production of cartomizers that are suitable for the Green Smoke e-cigarette.

The Vinto Vape cartomizers will be the first product they will market, followed by a complete line of e-cigarettes and accessories.

Novus Fumus is partner of Gilla since 2013, and we will deliver all Vinto Vape products directly from stock.

Vinto Vape is available in 3 different flavors, all based on the Green Smoke Cartomizers.

  • Rebel Red Tobacco - A rich flavored Tobacco Taste. The best alternative for Green Smoke Red Label
  • Classic Sweet Tobacco - A sweet tobacco flavor, just like the Green Smoke Absolute Tobacco
  • Fresh Menthol - Smooth fresh Menthol. Exactly like the Green Smoke Menthol Ice

All cartomizers are compatible with the Green Smoke, Atlantic Aqua and Magic Mist Geneva batteries.
Each package holds 5 cartomizers.

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Cartomizers suitable for
Vinto Vape INTRO Kit
Vinto Vape Classic Tobacco
Vinto Vape Rebel Red Tobacco
Vinto Vape Bold Gold
Vinto Vape Fresh Menthol
Vinto Vape Variety Pack
Vinto Vape Vanilla Cream
Vinto Vape Coffee Blend
Vinto Vape Very Cherry