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Craft Vapes 70VG - 30PG (8)

Craft Vapes 70VG - 30PG

Craft Vapes is a Los Angeles based company founded in 2013. The quality e-Juice has been meticulously hand crafted to the highest of standards to produce flavors for every taste and occasion.

Craft Vapes E-liquid

Want to be sure that you will enjoy a delicious flavour from your e-cigarette? A good e-cig is nothing without a good e-liquid. You enjoy the rich flavour sensations with the e-liquids of Craft Vapes. The refills with tobacco and fruit flavours of this brand are handmade on a small scale. And you can taste the premium quality: the liquids give a superior experience that make your taste buds sing. No matter if you prefer fresh, sweet or strong flavours, there is always something to your taste thanks to the range of e-liquids of Craft Vapes. Craft Vapes are American liquids and are bottled in small glass containers with a pipette and they contain 15 milliliters of liquid. You can choose whether you want no nicotine, or with 3, 6 or 12 mg of nicotine with all e-liquids of this brand. The advantage of this is, is that you decide how much of the harmful substance nicotine you get to inhale.

Different flavours of e-liquids

Are you a fan of menthol flavours? Mad mint is a fresh mixture of menthol and mint and is perfect for lovers of fresh flavours. You will also love Icicle e-liquid from Craft Vapes. This liquid has a strong menthol taste supported by subtle hints of French vanilla. If you enjoy sweet tastes more, then certainly try out Tropical Breeze. Also Crisp Kiwi is a sweet liquid consisting of a delicious mix of kiwi and strawberry. These tasty fruit flavours are perfect in summer. Furthermore, Craft Vapes has surprising e-liquids combinations such as a mix of mint and chocolate and a mix of apple, cinnamon and whiskey. Besides, this brand also has special liquid for e-pipes. This pipe tobacco is sweet and aromatic and is perfect for the evenings.

Do you have questions about the e-liquids of Craft Vapes? Call, email or chat with Novus Fumus.

VG-PG Ratio
Craft Vapes Tropical Breeze
Craft Vapes Winter Berry
Craft Vapes Mad Mint
Craft Vapes Pipe Tobacco
Craft Vapes Crisp Kiwi
Craft Vapes Icicle
Craft Vapes Angry Apple
Craft Vapes Leprechaun
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