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User guide Atlantic Nautilus e-cigarette

User guide:
The Nautilus e-sigaret consists of only two parts; the battery and the Bottom Coil. 
To fill the tank with e-liquid, you need to take the battery in your left hand and the tank in your right hand. Turn your left hand to you, and your right hand away from you, to allow the tank to be removed from the battery.

To fill the tank, you have to keep the mouthpiece down and twist the metal coil counter-clockwise. 

You can now fill the tank with e-liquid, by keeping it at an 45-degree angle. Make sure that no liquids enter the steel pipe in the middle of the tank.

Twist the coil back on the tank and reconnect the tank to the battery. Wait for approximately 1 minute, for an even distribution of the liquid. You are now ready to vape.