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Buy the EasyPuff™ Starter Kit, a two-piece system with disposable cartridges that taste and feel just like a traditional cigarette yet are completely smoke free

EasyPuff starter kits

One of the biggest producers of e-cigarettes worldwide is EasyPuff. The brand is from a manufacturer from New-Zealand and focusses mainly on the starting vaper with the EasyPuff starter kits. Smoking the Easypuff e-cigarettes does not differentiate much from smoking an ordinary cigarette. Biggest benefit is that it is much healthier and moreover an important tool to quit smoking, the Easypuff starter kits are ideal for this purpose. The electronic cigarettes of this brand are very popular with people who are trying to quit smoking regular cigarettes because of various reasons. This e-cig, cartomizer included, is just as big as an ordinary cigarette, has a good throat hit and gives a sufficient amount damp. Moreover, there is no risks of spilling so you can put the e-cigarette in your pocket or purse without a care, very useful when you are craving a cigarette while on the road!

E-cigarettes with cartomizer

Everyone can operate an e-cig thanks to the EasyPuff starter kits because these electronic cigarettes are very easy to use. Actually nothing can go wrong. No coils have to be replaced, you do not have a chance of spilling e-liquids and there are no buttons to press. Just take a hit and you are good.  EasyPuff’s e-cigarettes of the starter kits just consist of two parts: a battery and a cartomizer. There is e-liquid and the vaporisation component. The cartomizer is already filled with the amount of nicotine you have chosen. You only need to screw the cartomizer on the battery to start vaping. Is the filling empty? You simply buy a new ready-steady refill with e-liquid for your e-cigarette at Novus Fumus. There are several flavours to choose from among tobacco and fruit flavours. The filling of one cartomizer equals approximately twenty cigarettes.

Do you still have questions about EasyPuff starter kits? Do not hesitate to contact Novus Fumus by phone, e-mail or chat.

Easypuff e-cigarette Starter Kit
Easypuff INTRO Kit
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