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Cleaning the IQOS, and solving charging problems.

Cleaning the IQOS regularly is very important to fully enjoy HEETS. Proper cleaning can also eliminate charging issues. Faults are indicated by flashing the red indicator light.

Cleaning the IQOS

The best tools to clean the IQOS can be found in the IQOS box. Those are the IQOS brush and the cleaning sticks. Remove the top part of the holder, and place the brush in the compartment where the HEETS is supposed to be. Now turn left and right a few times to remove any tobacco residue. You don't have to turn hard or fast, one or two turns in one direction is usually enough. Note: The IQOS must have cooled down before you start this.

You can carefully remove baked-on tobacco residues with a cleaning stick. Be very careful and never press too hard. Make yourself when cleaning. Do not use vinegar or other cleaning agents. These damage the surface of the heating element.

Cleaning IQOS 3 when it's not charging or flashing red?

If the cradle does not charge, or the charger flashes quickly or lights up red after inserting the cradle, the device is usually not broken, but a good cleaning will often help resolve the issue.

It sometimes happens that the holder does not fit properly in the charger and therefore does not charge. Usually it is then sufficient to turn the holder a little. If the problem persists, it is recommended to clean the magnetic contact on the bottom of the holder and on the inside of the charger. Cleaning the holder is easy with a cleaning stick. Carefully clean the gold contact on the bottom, especially in the connector. Do the same with the charger.

Is the problem still not solved? Do not panic! Contact the Customer Care Center . They will then help you further.

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