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Frequently asked questions about Truffles

What is a trip sitter?

A Tripsitter is a person who is present while using truffles and stays sober. The Tripsitter can put the tripper at ease and ensure that the trip goes well.

Why are magic mushrooms banned and truffles not?

The Dutch Ministry of Health has the following to say about this: "Research by the NVWA in 2002 showed that the total psilocin in samples of the sclerotia of the psilocybe tampanensis (truffles) was approximately 0.3%. The rest by the VWA in this The mushrooms examined in the framework had a value between 0.5 and 0.9%. It can be concluded from this that truffles contain a lower value of hallucinogenic substances than mushrooms. There is therefore no danger when using the truffles and it is therefore not prohibited by law ."

Which magic truffles are suitable for beginners?

We recommend starting with a relatively milder magic truffle. The Mexicana and Atlantis are two of the most popular magic truffles for beginners.

How to check the quality of my truffles?

You can always test magic truffles before use. First take them out of the package and put them in the cup. Check whether the truffles look “fresh”. Then smell them. If they smell a bit like nuts with some sour hints, they're okay. Then you can feel the texture. The truffles should be a little firm and give some resistance when squeezed before they break. If you feel like you're squeezing a smushy tomato, the truffles are probably not okay anymore. If in doubt, you can always contact us.

Are magic truffles addictive?

The risk of addiction is nil when using truffles. Due to the strong effects that occur when using magic truffles, they are not often used in most cases. As a result, the risk of psychological dependence/addiction is very small. The body also gets used to truffles very quickly. After frequent use you will hardly feel any effect.

What are the strongest magic truffles?

The strongest magic truffles are the High Hawaiians . Only experienced users should consider them.

How long can I keep magic truffles?

Our Truffles are grown and packaged with the best possible care. The truffles consist of about 35% solids. In comparison, a normal mushroom consists of about 5% solids. The other 95% is water! That is why our magic truffles have a much longer shelf life than regular magic mushrooms. Because we always vacuum pack our products, we can guarantee a shelf life of 3 months if stored correctly.

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