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Kickstarter products


At Novus Fumus you find various innovative products according to the latest trends. In this category you will find products that have been able to establish their funding through Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a successful crowdfunding website that gives designers the opportunity to bring the products to the market through crowdfunding. This way, creative people with genius ideas but without capital still get a chance to put a beautiful product for sale. We like to introduce you to the latest trends through our web store.

Purchasing unique products online

Kickstarter not only benefit the designer but also the customer. The website has a strict selection process and only the most exquisite products make it to the very end. Projects that achieve their goals through crowdfunding have already won the trust of customers, thus giving them a greater chance to succeed. The products you find at Novus Fumus all have completed a successful kickstarter campaign and are proved to consist of excellent quality. Therefore you acquire a successful product through your purchase which you will get to enjoy for the years to come.

Trendy design and high quality

In the assortment of Novus Fumus you can easily pick the latest, trendy designed gadgets from the range of Kickstarter products. The products are designed by creative people with an eye for important details who exactly know what you need. Materials of the best quality only are chosen. For example, choose high-quality bags and backpacks with handy extras such as cutting edge materials and RFID protection. Or choose one of the other innovative designs. Moreover, Novus Fumus offers you the convenience of ordering online with a quick home delivery service. Take a quick look at our assortment.

RevolCam Smartphone Camera Lens
€59,95 €39,95
PowerUp 3.0 RC Airplane
€49,95 €42,45
Vodafone You Prepaid Sim 1 Gb Maandbundel
Vodafone You Prepaid Sim 3 Gb Maandbundel
Vodafone You Prepaid Sim 2 Gb Maandbundel
PowerUp FPV
€229,00 €194,65
€14,95 €12,95
NORDIC UNION NILS | Charging Cable Reinvented
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