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Purcari Muscat Icewine (0)

Purcari Icewine is the Award winning wine. Buy now at Novus Fumus or Novus Vino.

Purcari 1827 Muscat wine

Ready to have an unforgettable culinary experience? Taste a Purcari 1827 muscat wine! The Purcari Icewine is a special dessert wine with a sweet and velvety smooth taste with delicate hints of vanilla. Muscat wine is a sweet white wine for which the muscat grape is used. It is one of the oldest grapes in the world and feels most at home in warmer climates. Extraordinary is that the muscat wine is the only wine that actually smells familiar to grapes. The muscat wine of Purcari 1827 is an ice wine. Such a dessert wine with fresh, sweet flavours is a delicious appetizer. The wine goes well with goat cheese, fruit, fruit desserts, crème brûlée and chocolate.

Purcari’s Icewine

The ice wine from Purcari was made in honour of the winery’s 185th anniversary. This muscat wine is made in a traditional way: wine producers let the grapes hang out until wintertime and until frost covers the fruits. The grapes are picked by hand, often amidst the night in temperatures of -6 to -10 degrees and then squeezed frozen. By this method, only the sugary syrup and not the water is pressed out of the grape. Ice wine is made from this sweet syrup. This muscat wine from Purcari 1827 has a subtle dark golden colour with an elegant bouquet of honey and fresh fruit along with fresh flowers. The acidity keeps the wine balanced, making it deliciously sweet and not too syrupy. The ice wine has a long aftertaste with hints of honey, sweet fruit and delicious aromas of ripe fruit and spices.

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