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Purcari 1827 Rosé wine (2)

Purcari 1827 is considered to be the best wine of Central and Eastern Europe. Buy now at Novus Fumus or Novus Vino

Purcari 1827 Rose wine

In search of a fine rosé wine? Let yourself be surprised by the rosé wines from Moldova. These are great wines with a pleasant aroma of ripe fruit. Perfect for a night of drinks with friends. What many people do not know is that rosé wine is made from red grapes, sometimes in combination with white grapes. Therefore, red and white wine is not mixed with each other to get rosé. The wine owes its light color to the skins of red grapes which remain shorter in the juice (the must) than when red wine is produced. Rose is a young wine and therefore does not need to be on the shelf for many years. The biggest producers are France, Spain, Italy and the United States. But Moldova stands her ground with the rosé wine of Purcari 1827 and the Bostavan Merlot Rose.

Rose wines from Moldova

The Moldovan wine region is one of the best kept secrets of the world. The Purcari estate was founded in 1827 and is the most praised winery in Eastern Europe, and for good reason. This brand was recently awarded for having the best wines of Central and Eastern Europe. The rosé wine of Purcari 1827 is a wonderful dry rosé with delicate flavours and a long aftertaste. You get the aromas of ripe fruit clearly distinguished as red berries, peach and apricots. The refreshing taste then turns into a long aftertaste of wild berries such as raspberries and strawberries. You drink this rosé wine from Purcari 1827 best with cold appetizers, white meats and hard cheeses. The wine is ideal as an appetizer or to simply enjoy on a terrace on sunny days. The Bostavan Merlot Rose is a delicious wine from Moldova as well. It has a harmonious taste of berries and grapes.

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Bostavan Merlot Rose
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