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What is a trip report? | Everything you need to know about trip reports

A tripreport is a personal account of someone's experience during a psychedelic trip, such as magic truffles. It is a way to reflect on the experience and inform others about what happened during the trip. It can also be therapeutic and help others prepare for their own trip or inform them about possible effects and experiences.

What is typically included in a tripreport?

A typical tripreport includes an introduction that describes the used psychedelics, dosage, and location. Additionally, it may cover the mental and physical state of the person prior to the trip and the environment in which the trip took place. The trip itself is then described, including details about the experiences, emotions, and hallucinations that occurred during the trip. Finally, a reflection and conclusion are usually provided, in which the person describes how the trip was experienced and what they learned from it.

Why are tripreports useful?

Tripreports are useful because they can help others better prepare for their own trip, inform them about possible effects and experiences, and gain insight into their own experiences and those of others.

Tips for writing a good tripreport:

Be as specific as possible and describe what you experienced during the trip Use metaphors and analogies to make your experiences more understandable Be honest and share less positive aspects of the trip as well Provide context about yourself and why you decided to use psychedelics Reflect and indicate what you learned during and after the trip


Every trip is unique and what works for you may not necessarily work for others. It is important to use psychedelics responsibly and with the right knowledge and preparation. There are various websites and forums where you can find and share tripreports, but be sure to always consult reliable sources.

Example of a Tripreport


On Saturday evening, I took 10 grams of Atlantis truffles. I was in my own home and had invited a friend to be with me, who would also be taking truffles. I had previous experience with truffles, but it was the first time I tried this specific type.

Set and Setting:

I felt relaxed and excited to experiment with this new type. I spent the whole day meditating and being calm to prepare for the trip. I lit candles, put on music, and closed the curtains to create a comfortable and safe environment.

The trip itself:

The truffles started working after about 45 minutes, and I felt very warm and light in my body. The walls began to move and breathe, and the colors around me became brighter and more intense. I felt very connected to my friend and the music we were listening to.

After an hour, I began to feel a little anxious and overwhelmed. I found it difficult to concentrate my thoughts, and it felt like I was in a different dimension. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, and I felt calmer again.

The rest of the trip was a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. Sometimes I felt euphoric and peaceful, other times anxious and lost. I had visions of colorful geometric patterns and felt connected to everything around me.

Reflection and Conclusion:

After the trip, I felt confused but also very grateful for the experience. I felt like I had learned a lot about myself and the world around me. I felt like I had a deeper connection with my friend, and we had shared something special.

I also realized that I can sometimes lose control of my thoughts and emotions and that I need to work on finding more inner peace and stability. I also found it interesting to see how my perception of reality changed and how this influenced my feelings and emotions.

Overall, it was an intense, confusing but also beautiful experience that gave me a lot of insight and changed my perspective on life.

Write and share your trip report

Do you also have a trip report that you would like to share? We invite you to share your personal story.Sharing your experience can help others better prepare for their own trip and gain more insight into the various effects and experiences of psychedelics. Remember to be responsible and only share what you feel comfortable sharing. We look forward to your story!

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