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Novus Fumus is a young and dynamic company and since January 2014 active in online sales of electronic cigarettes, wine, razor and beard products and much more. We are a new Online Lifestyle Store and deliver all of our products worldwide.
You can contact us 7 days a week by phone from 09:00 to 22:00 or try our Live chat.
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Restaurants with two or three Michelin stars
Always wanted to go out dining in a star restaurant in the Netherlands? Then read on quickly.
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European cities for the ultimate Christmas feeling
Are you also in love with sparkling Christmas stars, thousands of sparkling lights and festive decorations? The most beautiful Christmas window displays and departments are found in these European cities. Time for a road trip!
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The arrival of Saint Nicholas 2017
The arrival of Saint Nicholas will take place in Dokkum this year. If you are you going there, you might as well plan a nice weekend out.
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8 crazy beauty tips that really work
Olive oil on your razor, aspirin in your shampoo and scrubbing with a pumice stone. These some crazy beauty tips really work!
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8 easy tips to save money
Do you have difficulties with saving? These 8 tips will make it a little easier!
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