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3 Aug 2021
Klik bolletjes voor sigaretten - Hoe werkt dat?
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18 May 2021
Clipper lighters. What makes them so special?
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You are now in our online shop where you can buy various e cigarettes and alternatives to the menthol cigarette. Since the ban on the sale of menthol cigarettes, several manufacturers have jumped into the gap to ensure that you can still enjoy smoking menthol cigarettes.

Alternatives to the menthol cigarette

Menthol cigarettes are prohibited, but products to make menthol cigarettes yourself are not. Manufacturers have taken advantage of this and have put various products on the market with which you can turn any cigarette into a menthol cigarette.

Examples of this are;

1. The Frutastick; a handy pen with menthol aroma. By drawing a simple line over the cigarette, you provide it with a menthol taste

2. Click balls; Make your own click cigarette with the Aroma King click balls. Put a ball in the filter and squeeze it. The filter absorbs the released menthol liquid and your cigarette immediately tastes of menthol.

3. Flavor Cards; also called taste cards or scent cards. If you put a flavor card with your cigarettes, the taste of the card is absorbed by the cigarette. You can also use these cards to make sports bags and mouth caps smell fresher.

4th place Lightspeed Ecommerce50

In 2016 Novus Fumus was one of the fastest growing online stores in the Netherlands. We are of course very proud and thank all our current customers for their trust now and in the past.
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Novus is a young and dynamic company, and has been active since January 2014 with the online sale of electronic cigarettes, wine, beard and shaving products, playing cards and backpacks and travel bags. We are available by phone 7 days a week from 09:00 to 22:00. You can also contact us via our live chat. Often an employee is online in the evening to answer your questions.

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