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Novus Fumus is a young and dynamic company and since January 2014 active in online sales of electronic cigarettes, wine, razor and beard products and much more. We are a new Online Lifestyle Store and deliver all of our products worldwide.
You can contact us 7 days a week by phone from 09:00 to 22:00 or try our Live chat.
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What is CBD oil and what do you use it for?
Have you heard a lot about CBD oil lately but don’t you know exactly what it is? We will tell you all about it.
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6x trendy houseplants
Do you want to brighten up the living room with a beautiful houseplant? These 6 house plants are favorite and easy to maintain!
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No more 'orphan socks' thanks to Solosocks
Is there a number of ‘orphan socks' in your sock drawer that no longer have a matching second sock? With Solosocks that belongs to the past!
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7 food hotspots for lunch in Rotterdam
Do you go shopping in Rotterdam for a day? Then these food hotspots are a tip for lunch!
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Which make-up brush do you use for what feature?
There are so many make-up brushes that you hardly know which one to use for what. In this blog post we will explain in details which brush you have to use for what!
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