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Novus Fumus is a young and dynamic company and since January 2014 active in online sales of electronic cigarettes, wine, razor and beard products and much more. We are a new Online Lifestyle Store and deliver all of our products worldwide.
You can contact us 7 days a week by phone from 09:00 to 22:00 or try our Live chat.
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Cooking without food from packages and bags
Want to eat healthier? Then cook without foods from packages and bags. And that does not have to be complicated or expensive at all
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10 struggles you will recognize if you are living together with a morning person
Is your partner a morning person and you an evening person? Then you probably recognize these 10 struggles.
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Starting your own vegetable garden in September
Do you feel the urge to start an own vegetable garden? You do not have to wait until spring, because you can sow and plant plenty in September as well.
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7 Stretch exercises for a sedentary job
Do you have a sedentary job and you notice that your muscles are stiff and tired after a day? Then do these 7 stretch exercises at your desk.
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The funniest technology gadgets for dogs
Are you a dog owner and do you like gadgets? These gadgets for your four-legged friend are hilarious and in some cases even useful.
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