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Novus Fumus (34)


Novus Fumus e-cigarettes

It will not surprise you: Novus Fumus is our own brand. Since January 2014 we have been active in online sales of electronic cigarettes and other products. We are official distributors of the brands Atlantic and Green Smoke.

Novus Fumus product range

In our assortment we have the Novus Fumus Cuban e-cigar, a disposable electronic cigar. You can also order disposable soft tips (packed 25 pieces), which provide great comfort during smoking your electronic Atlantic or Green Smoke cigarette. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call, email or chat with us.
Novus Fumus PET 100ml e-liquid bottle
Novus Fumus Aluminium 510 Driptip
Novus Fumus Gator Grip
€19,95 €17,95
Novus Fumus Lanyard
Novus Fumus Shavette Cut Throat Razor - Wood
Novus Fumus e-liquid refill bottle
Novus Fumus 16 Bathing Balls Lavender
€43,20 €36,72
Novus Fumus Shavette Cut Throat Razor
Novus Fumus 16 Citrus/Eucalyptus Bathing Balls for your Bath
€43,20 €36,72
Novus Fumus Beard oil Sample Pack
Novus Fumus Beard Bib
Novus Fumus PET 30ml e-liquid bottle
Novus Fumus 16 Bathing Balls Ocean
€43,20 €36,72
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